Spinal Adjusting Center

What to Expect

Walk In Only - No Appointments

Any time estimate given is our best guess.  However, the doctor will spend what time is needed on each case as every individual's case is different. 

If there is a wait you may leave to run errands and return for your adjustment without losing your turn. 

New patients - Please let us know immediately that you are new so we can get you started on paperwork. 

Spinal Adjusting Center operates on a pay as you go basis. We accept cash, credit card, or check. 

New patients: $28
Returning patients: $23

The doctor will first assess you before making a decision if an x-ray is needed.  There is no charge for spinal x-rays, but the x-rays will stay with your chart. 

We do not accept insurance. (Receipts are available if you chose to turn it into insurance yourself.)
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